What Is Edusson and How Does It Work?

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This Proofreading Scavenger Hunt is designed to have new essay writers evaluate their own essays, reinforcing their knowledge of the basic components of an essay and allowing Edusson them to locate and correct their own errors before submitting a first draft. I assign it as homework the evening before the first draft is due, and students are required to attach their completed scavenger hunts to their drafts so that I know they have done their own proofing before I begin to correct their essays.

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This Essay Apprentice Writing Program can be used in two ways. I wrote this program to help a group of 12th graders who had failed the California state exit exam more than three times. EVERY STUDENT (who actually showed up for class) passed the essay portion of the exam that year. It is full of step-by-step process work with a ton of repetition.

– It can be extremely effective in helping students who are really struggling to put together one or two paragraphs, let alone an entire 5 paragraph essay. This program does not have any juvenile clip art or fonts, so it is PERFECT for helping students in grades 9-12 who are particularly struggling, without making them feel like they are doing “baby” work. It is particularly effective with special education and English Language Learners.

– It can also be used in grades 5-8, to introduce and/or review the basics of good writing. A scaffolded approach helps students learn step by step, working their way to a five paragraph essay.

This program introduces basic writing skills in a fun and effective way, helping students gain confidence in their writing as they learn – or relearn – the essentials of writing a good sentence, a good paragraph, and a good set of paragraphs. 179 pages of simple, practical activities that help students learn the step-by-step process of creating writing they can be proud of. 

An ten page outline packet for beginning essay writers. Introduces the components of an introduction, body, and conclusion in an step by step way to help students organize their thoughts and ideas.

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