What Are The Research Tools

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The simplest way to mean to teach students the tools of research the process is you know how to get from point A to point B I think we’re vision is something they don’t know how to do and so to say start with three right and then revise it that’s what much less time teach 15 yeah perhaps and what I’d like to do I like to what I wanted to stick through all my slides and then we have a full full picture and then then we break it down a little bit then we’re considered mine because I just like anybody we had a talk about this this divisive everybody ought to go through another revision so let’s go quickly through and then we’ll be ready to dress so what is a primary primary sources reduces vocabulary I hope it’s useful sources at certain is main focus so these are the ones you want to be most carefully and critically. Find more details on research tools at Edusson.

If you are writing a paper and the name of a source is in the title of the paper and that’s your primary – other thoughts what is it can be a primary partner source and this is very clearly it’s the easiest way get bigger um I think that one of the things that students sometimes have problems with also is just like HP primary and secondary the main focus but they’re also the main focus and play actually Prime Minister so to celebrate in 2000 that book or whatever your actual return I think maybe it’s I’m not really sure why but I think maybe it’s because we’re looking at primary services but they’re like in translation and they’re finding everything including me whenever like well he’s like I wouldn’t promise on my own semesters like aside but you know so like even defining those before I think that’s and trying at least trying museums and what I was suggesting is a freerunning exercise as a reaction after meeting your primary primary source this is I think extremely important because you don’t want to be too influenced by what other people say again I’m calling I call this presentation encouraging creativity research questions ought to arise from from your reaction to the primary source.

That’s and I know and I wrote some some sample questions that you could assign there probably and it was possibly questions you can assign on such a breeder in a sense what was surprising about the text is there something that you were expecting that turned out to be different oh it just would say I shouldn’t know we can just post the slides a PDF of the slides on the website so that people can access yeah I tried to do a printout but it was 17 pages and I didn’t know how to do the thing where you have like three on occasion and a like the notes section on the side and it’s I know it seems to be the purpose of the text if it’s not expensive explicitly it does not know who seems to be the intended audience in the text.