Sawako Decides

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Title: 川の底からこんにちは (Kawa no Soko kara Konnichiwa)
English Title: Sawako Decides
Release Date: May 1st, 2010 (Japan)


This is a really funny movie about a young woman, Sawako, played by Mitsushima Hikari, who ran away from home five years ago, with the intent of ditching her boring country life for a more exciting life in Tokyo. Things quickly took a turn for the worse after her boyfriend left her. From that point on, she was stuck with dead-end jobs and dead-end boyfriends. It is here that the movie starts, the previous details slowly being pieced together as the movie progresses.


After learning of her father’s failing health condition and furthermore, being pressured by her boyfriend, who is eager to escape Tokyo, Sawako returns to her home in the Ibaraki countryside. Things don’t seem to turn around immediately, however, as she is ridiculed by her new co-workers at her father’s shellfish factory, and is stuck doing rather undesirable chores at home.


This was a darkly funny and eventually touching film – an epoch of a young woman who accepts too much and is willing to settle for too little…and the consequences and outcomes of these things. Mitsushima played the part very well and was a lot of fun to watch. Her relationship with the young and very cute Taeko, her boyfriend’s daughter from another marriage, an important part of the plot, was also really enjoyable to watch unfold.


The scenery of the Ibaraki countryside – rice paddies, one car diesel trains – are all really well done; well contrasted with the scenes of Tokyo – fast moving, blurry, the place for kake mochi, people running away from home with their lovers.


Starring: Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Cary Elwes, Jami Gertz

Okay, so I know that Twister is really, really old. I also know that it has some flaws. Like for example, there are some continuity errors, broken windshields that magically repair themselves and whatnot. And I know that the acting is not the best, temper tantrums right in front of a tornado, meant to be high tension but really is highly corny. But, I really love Twister. Why you might ask. Well, first of all, I’m a sucker for tornadoes. I love watching the documentaries about crazy storm chasers. I think it’s really exciting. Would I ever storm chase myself? Hell no. But I love the fact that there’s a movie out there about storm chasers. And before anyone gets all up in arms about how devastating a tornado can be, all I have to say is, they don’t call it tornado alley for the hell of it…if they keep coming, in the same area no less, then perhaps it’s time to think about relocating. So I say, Twister is exciting…especially from the safety of a big screen TV.

The second reason I love Twister is that of the steak and eggs. There’s a scene in the movie where the gang goes to Aunt Meg’s house to clean up and rest. While there, they are fed a delicious meal of steak and eggs. The steak is sizzling in the cast iron pan with eggs added to complete a mouthwatering, gut-busting breakfast. Every time I watch that scene I absolutely need to go out to a restaurant and get steak and eggs. I know it’s crazy but the food looks so great so I want it. I realize that it’s a silly reason to like a movie but there it is. Take it for what you will.

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