Introducing Yourself In A Paper

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If you want to drive your point home effectively and of course you need to have a salutation like dear so-and-so dear doctor dear professor dear sir most of us still use or address people with whom we have formal relationship that sir and madam nothing wrong with it just look at the comfort level of that person you may address people by their names it’s always advisable to use some kind of a title if it’s a doctor yes if it’s me professor use professor unless and until you have been told specifically not to use and just address the person by his or her name which is quite rare in especially in our situations.

And of course when I rounding off the letter that is yours faithfully sincerely things like that we no longer use words such as yours obediently okay but you’re sincerely with regards yes all these are acceptable in formal situations here is an example of a sample formulator please look at the slide look at the way it has been constructed dear dr. Smith let’s your salutation I am the chairman of the 2015 Metropolitan Medical Conference that is being held this year in Miami Florida on July 15 2015 so consider the way the writer has introduced himself the implication is there that the writer and the receiver they do not know each the personally therefore this person Michael Brown is in first introducing himself I write to and now come to the point why are you writing I write to invite you to present your groundbreaking research on a stem cell technology with our conference participants and invited guests a 30 minute discussion of your work along with a 20 minute question-and-answer session would add so much to the intellectual landscape of our annual medical conference the Metropolitan Medical Association would be pleased to cover your travel and lodging expenses a look at the change of topic in second paragraph.

So in the first paragraph you are you want you introduce yourself and give reason for invitation give come to the point why you are writing this letter I am writing this to invite you and why do I want to invite you because you have done some groundbreaking research in this particular radio in second paragraph what we can do for you you are inviting someone all that is very well but why should the receiver of the letter be so interested in coming and what are the incentives for him there so you are giving him that would be pleased to cover your travel and lodging expenses while you is it the conference in addition to providing a paradigm budget during your stay and conclusion please reply with your answer as soon as you’re able so so that we may begin making arrangements.