“My Man Godfrey” Will Serve You Well

A Movie About a Butler, Love, and Screwball Comedy   In the 1936 movie classic My Man Godfrey, we find William Powell (of the Nick and Nora Charles Thin Man movies) and a radiant, yet slightly wacky, Carole Lombard magnificently complimenting each other’s considerable acting abilities. Believe me, it’s no easy thing to play ditsy […]

Woman in the Dunes

Title: 砂の女 (Suna no Onna) English Title: Woman in the Dunes Release Date: 1964   This movie was dark. Not just in the sense that it was depressing and macabre, but rather that the screen was just physically hard to see. I was reminded of Tim Burton’s Batman and remembered having to strain my eyes […]

Sawako Decides

Title: 川の底からこんにちは (Kawa no Soko kara Konnichiwa) English Title: Sawako Decides Release Date: May 1st, 2010 (Japan)   This is a really funny movie about a young woman, Sawako, played by Mitsushima Hikari, who ran away from home five years ago, with the intent of ditching her boring country life for a more exciting life […]